Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important

Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important

Indoor air quality plays an important role with your home and HVAC system. By checking your filter every 30 days you can help keep your HVAC system clean.

Reasons Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important

Allowing a buildup of dirt on the filter will cause the HVAC system to work harder which translate in to higher power bills. And when the system has to work harder the odds increase for the system to break down. Additionally a dirty HVAC system can produce bothersome odors during use known as dirty sock syndrome.

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The homes being built now days offer a tightly sealed structure for energy saving purposes. The draw back though is not having enough air exchanges inside the home. Basically an air exchange is out with the old air and in with the new air! Adding fresh air in to your home can dilute the build of dirt, dander and VOC’s. A buildup of dirt and dander can cause allergy like symptoms or can agitate the respiratory system of a person who has asthma. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are found in every day cleaners, building materials, paints and carpets. VOC’s can be as much as 10 times higher than the outdoors according to the EPA. High levels of VOC’s have been a contributing factor with formicary corrosion of the indoor coils of an HVAC system. Not to worry though There are many ways to keep your home and HVAC system clean!

Today’s IAQ technology has given homeowners a wide array of products to choose from. With regular annual maintenance on the HVAC system combined with a good filter system a lot of the IAQ problems can be solved. Simply checking and/or changing your filter every 30 days can be one of your biggest ally in the fight against indoor air pollution. Even the most basic filter will help reduce the buildup on your indoor coil and air handler. If changing your filter every 30 days is an arduous task then Air Hawk Heating and Cooling can offer a once or twice a year filter for your HVAC system. Keeping your indoor coil clean should be a top priority!

A ultraviolet light is another way to keep your coil clean. By installing an ultraviolet light that emits UV-C will disrupt the DNA of micro-organisms preventing them from reproducing. Those micro-organisms can cause allergy like symptoms in people with no known allergies or make life for an asthma sufferer miserable. So why chance it? Just like your filter the UV bulb will need to be changed once a year or every other year depending on which model you purchase. Most UV light systems have become more affordable than earlier years.

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Need Help With Your Indoor Air Quality?

Now that you know why indoor air quality is important, Air Hawk Heating and Cooling can provide a complete evaluation of your home and HVAC system. We will give you a written estimate letting you know what needs to be done to fix or prevent indoor air pollution. We offer FREE ESTIMATES on all of our IAQ products. Call us now with any questions you may have!


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  • Great info and tips on proper care of our air conditioner. We may be interested in the ultraviolet light in the near future. Thank you AirHawk. Please keep the info coming!!

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