Why Your AC Is Short-Cycling

Outdoor condensers for air conditioning system

Has your air conditioner been turning on and off without actually cooling off your home? You could be experiencing what HVAC professionals refer to as short-cycling. Typically short-cycling occurs when the compressor stops prematurely and then kicks back on almost instantly. Here are a few causes of short-cycling.

Clogged Air Filter

When your air filter is clogged, it can make your air conditioner unit work much harder. As a result, there is excuse pressure on the compressor and blower motor. This pressure can cause the system to overheat—thus creating the short-cycling. The best remedy for this is to make sure you change your filters regularly—at least every 30–60 days. This will allow air to follow through the system with ease and prevent your system from overworking.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is essential to the overall function of your air conditioner unit. When the refrigerant levels are low, it triggers the compressor’s pressure control and causes your compressor to shut off prematurely. Creating and sticking to an HVAC maintenance schedule can help ensure that your refrigerant levels do not reach these low levels. Call the Air Hawk team today to learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans.

Errors in Thermostat Calibration

When there is an issue with the thermostat calibration, your thermostat will struggle to get an accurate reading of the room temperature. This can cause the thermostat to detect temperature changes more frequently—again, causing your system to overwork and enter into short cycling. If you notice that there is an issue with the temperature reading on your thermostat, be sure to contact our HVAC professionals. We can help diagnosis the issue and save your from potentially costly repairs in the future.

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