You Will Never Believe What Is Living In Your Ductwork!

Mold Could Be Living In Your Ductwork

Your ductwork is the basically the “lungs” of your home. You need to make sure you keep your ductwork free from hazardous pollutants as much as possible. Any kind of harmful pollutant living in your ductwork will be carried throughout the air and into your home.  This includes mold. Exposure to mold in your ductwork can be extremely harmful and create unhealthy conditions for you and your family.   If you can see or smell evidence of mold, you can probably skip having it tested and go straight to getting rid of it. Look for signs of water or moisture, especially in dark, hidden areas of the home.

Why is there Mold Living in Your Ductwork?

Mold and fungi can be found basically anywhere moisture accumulates indoors.  The problem is even worse if there is excessive moisture in a home or it has been there for an extended amount of time.  When something in your home is holding moisture mold spores land on it and the mold begins to grow. As long as the moisture is present the mold will continue to grow.

Why is Mold in my Ductwork Dangerous?

Your ductwork is what distributes the fresh air throughout your home. When mold begins to accumulate in your ductwork, your ductwork is contaminated and begins to spread to your vents and your returns and all through your home.  When mold is present in your ductwork it can cause respiratory allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to mold. The reaction that many people experience from a mold allergy can be similar to seasonal allergies.

How can You stop Mold contamination From Living In Your Ductwork?

If you have mold it is important to have your ductwork professionally cleaned.

Contact us with any questions or concerns you have with your ductwork.  Our technicians are trustworthy, experienced and professional so you can feel comfortable that we know what we are doing. Also, for your safety, we perform background checks and drug testing on all of our technicians.

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